Our adoption procedure:
Step 1: Home visit 

The first step is an informal home visit to get to know potential adopters. Anyone in rented accommodation will need to obtain written permission to have a cat or multiple cats in the property.

We recommend home visits are carried out even if we do not have a suitable cat or kitten for you immediately available at that time. When cats do become available we will give priority to those who have already had a home visit and when a suitable match is made.


We will always try our best to ensure that we have the right match for you, your family and the cat who is searching for their forever home. Sometimes it can take a little time for us to make that match, so please do bear with us.

Step 2: Visiting our cats

Once you have passed your home visit we can make arrangements for you to visit any cats that are thought to be the most suitable match for you and your family.

All our cats are cared for by our network of foster carers- we will put you in touch with the foster carer to arrange a convenient time to visit. (Please note we are currently doing virtual (online) visits during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

If the visit goes well both for yourself and your new feline friend, you can put  down a non-refundable deposit. This works as a holding fee so that the cat or kitten will no longer be available to anyone else for adoption.

Step 3: Reserving a cat

Once you have chosen your new furry friend we ask for a £20 non-refundable deposit to reserve them. This will be deducted from the total adoption fee and means that nobody else will be permitted to visit or rehome the cat/ kitten.

Adoption donation and what's included:

The minimum adoption fee for a cat or kitten is £95 and this includes the following:


  • Microchip

  • Complete first course of vaccinations

  • Spayed/neutered 

  • Flea/worm/mite parasite cover

  • Full health check


Our minimum adoption donation is MUCH lower than you would pay at your local vets for microchipping, neutering and vaccinations.

If kittens go to new homes prior to being old enough for neutering, arrangements will be made with you and our vet for you to return your kitten for neutering, once old enough.


Once the adoption is complete, it is the responsibility of the adopter to register their personal details with the microchip company. This can be done online or by post, using the details we give you on adoption. If the cat is already microchipped before coming to us, we will arrange for the details to be changed into your name. 


Older cats or kittens have usually completed their full vaccination course prior to adoption. In some cases cats will be rehomed prior to having their second vaccination and it is the adopters responsibility to return the cat to our vets to have the second vaccination to complete the full course when it is due. This is included in the adoption fee. As the adopter you will then be responsible for the annual vaccinations thereafter

The adoption fee must be paid in full before or on the day of adoption. 

Young kittens 

If kittens are rehomed prior to being neutered and microchipped, we cover the cost. It is the responsibility of the adopter to arrange this when the kitten reaches 4 months old. We ask that you inform us when you have booked this appointment and we check with our vets to ensure the appointment was attended to ensure that all our adopted kittens are neutered and vaccinated.  

Coronavirus adoption protocol 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have had to make some changes to our adoption procedures to ensure we keep our adopters and volunteers safe. 

*Please read carefully* 


 1. Any adopter must be aware they are making a commitment to their chosen cat for the length of that cats life so please do not ask to proceed with adopting unless you are certain you want to go ahead and can offer a cat its forever home. You will not have been able to physically meet the cat you are interested in but foster carers will tell you as much about them as they can and can send you photos and/or videos and may do a “virtual meet”. We do our very best to match you with a suitable cat.


2. Potential adopters must confirm to us that no one in their household is exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 or been in contact with anyone with the virus or with symptoms. Potential adopters must also confirm that they are not within the vulnerable groups as set out in Guidance from Public Health England.


3. All potential adopters will need to be able to access the internet. This is to enable a virtual home visit to be carried out and also to enable adopters to virtually meet a cat or kitten they may be interested in. Please do bear with us if we don’t have the right match for you immediately.


Adoption day:


1. If you decide to proceed with adopting then the adoption day will be agreed between you and the foster carer. Your cat will be delivered to you by a representative of Band of Rescuers. This is classed as essential travel as it is in relation to key work. A small additional charge will be requested to cover the transport but will not exceed £15.


2. Your cat will be transported in a cat carrier, securely fastened. When Band of Rescuers arrives at your home, a phone call will be made to advise of arrival.


3. The adopter will need to remain strictly indoors and the cat in the carrier will be placed outside the front door. Band of Rescuers will thoroughly wipe down the carrier with a disinfectant wipe prior to this being handled by the adopter. Any paperwork relating to the cat such as the vaccination card etc will be placed inside a plastic wallet and left on top of the carrier. Please be assured that all paperwork will be gone through and discussed thoroughly with the adopter prior to this date. Once in the adopter’s possession it is advisable to wipe the plastic wallet down with a disinfectant wipe and leave for at least 3 days before handling the paperwork inside.

4. A Conditions of Adoption form must be completed in duplicate on the day of adoption. Copies of these will also be left on top of the carrier and the adopter must read this form carefully before completing and signing both copies. The adopter must then retain one copy and place it in their plastic wallet of documents to be retained. They must then put Band of Rescuers’ copy in the plastic wallet provided and place outside for collection at a social distance.


5. The adopter will collect the carrier and take inside the home so the cat can be removed from the carrier. The cat MUST be kept securely inside the house in another room with all doors and windows closed – the adopter can then place the carrier back outside and move away so it can be collected by Band of Rescuers.


6. The adopter must ensure that they wash their hands for 20 seconds using soap and water before coming out to receive the cat in the carrier, before returning the carrier back outside and again when they re enter their home.


7. It is important that at least a two metre distance is kept between the adopter and representative from Band of Rescuers at all times.

If you are in agreement with the above agreement please confirm that you have read and understood the protocol when contacting us. If you would like to adopt from us but would prefer to wait until restrictions are lifted please get back in touch with us at a later date. 

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