Band of Rescuers North Yorkshire (BORNY)

Registered charity number: 1183369

About us

We are a registered charity set up in 2015 by a team of volunteers, dedicated to saving lives of unwanted, homeless,  abused and neglected animals. We are based in North Yorkshire but our work often takes us to other areas of Yorkshire and beyond.

What we aim to do

  • To care for unwanted, homeless, neglected, abused and injured animals.
  • To facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of cats and kittens and work to keep feral colonies controlled using a trap, neuter, release programme; re-homing any feral kittens once socialised if suitable.
  • To prevent animals suffering from neglect or abuse by removing them from potentially dangerous situations; offering them a fresh start, a second chance at life.
  • To provide a focus for learning, to educate and encourage the neutering and microchipping of companion animals along with all other welfare issues using a holistic approach.
  • To help people identify safe rescue spaces as an alternative to advertising animals online, when no other alternative is possible.
  • To work with partners and other organisations in developing initiatives to help safeguard and protect the lives of animals and to promote their wellbeing.

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