Smokie & Bandit- AVAILABLE

Introducing two gorgeous girls, Smokie and Bandit ? ?

These two haven’t been with us long but their foster carer says that they are the most laid back cats she has ever met! They are both approximately 3 1/2 years of age, neutered, chipped and have started their vaccinations. They are not related but have lived together since young kittens so get on really well.

They are both very affectionate and love head rubs, but let you know when they have had enough. They are not used to busy households so would probably be more suited to a home without children or with older children. They are, however, used to a small dog. They are looking for a home where they will have access to the outdoors as they are used to going outside and look forward to finding their forever home where they can enjoy it again once settled.

If you are looking for two laid back cats to join your home please message the page.

Home check and adoption fee apply ?