Nina and duke

Nina (tabby & white) and Duke (white & black) haven’t had the best start to life but are now looking forward to finding their forever home. They are older kittens of about 7 months of age and have been vaccinated, neutered and chipped. They are quite attached to each other so we are looking for a home for them together. As they are still quite timid, we are also looking for a quieter home where there are no young children and where someone will give them the time, love and patience they need to build their trust. They are however growing in confidence each day 😻

Their foster carer says that Duke likes to play. He loves a laser toy but is quite happy with a ball. He loves tummy tickles and will lay down to tell you this. Nina just likes to sit and watch. She isn’t as sure as Duke but is quite happy to just sleep or will have a go if Duke does and she likes to sunbathe. Nina is still not so sure about being stroked although is improving by watching Duke.

Can you offer this gorgeous pair the home they deserve?

Home check and adoption fee apply 🐾