So tonight we want to tell you a sad story but one which we will ensure has a happy ending.

This is Jaffa. He is a very handsome cat as you can no doubt see. We don’t know what his exact age is really or his full history but we do know he has had an awful past until a very kind lady took pity on him, started feeding him and let him sleep in her house until she could find somewhere safe for him to go and that’s where we came in.

When we had space we brought Jaffa into our care where he is lapping up the attention we can give him, not to mention the food. In fact he LOVES his food so we have to ration him a little. However we suspect there were very likely times he went hungry and cats take a long time to forget that, if indeed they ever do.

This very lovable and loving boy is pretty special we must say.

You might notice that Jaffa has eyes that are not quite as they should be. He has been on various treatments and has had tests done too to see if they can be improved and some days they are better than others. However we have been advised that they will never be perfect and he has sustained damage from eye infections that have never been treated and whilst he could have been cured at the time, now the damage is irreversible – but he can see and he is a happy chap. In fact he absolutely loves toys and plays with great vigour!

We think he is maybe around ten years old. He just needs love and kindness and his very own human person or family. He probably would be better with adults only as he can get scared although that is normally only when he goes to see our vet.

Our vet has advised he requires no ongoing treatment for his eyes at present.

If you can open your heart to our lovely Jaffa please do let us know. His eye issue makes him no less important or precious – just a little bit different that’s all.

Home visit and adoption fee apply