Holly or Hollibobs as she is known by her foster carer is now on the search for her forever home. We are looking for a special home for Holly as she is an extra special kitty. Holly has been in our care for some time now as when she came to us she was displaying some rather peculiar respiratory symptoms. She has been super brave and undergone lots of tests. Despite been seen by a number of different vets, Holly’s symptoms were a little unusual and we weren’t able to get a definitive diagnosis. However, what we did learn about Holly during this time is that she’s a very determined little soul and made it very clear to us that all she really wants is to be given a chance to live a happy life. Holly’s breathing can sometimes be a little noisy but otherwise doesn’t appear to bother her one bit and only happens every now and then. For this reason her vet has given us the go ahead to find her a forever home. At just a few years old Holly has a lot of love to give and like all our cats really does deserve a happy ending.

A note from Hollys foster carer: “She is adorable and is such an easy girl to have around! She’s not a lap cat but will sit next to you and always wants to know where you are. She follows you around like your shadow and makes a cute little trill when she sees you! She can hear the shake of a Dreamies packet no matter where she is. Her absolute favourite place is in front of the fire and she loves chasing her ping pong ball around the house. She’s also a bit of a mountaineer and likes to sleep on top of the wardrobe. She hates closed doors and has a good go at trying to open them, especially if she knows she will find you behind them!”

If you are interested in adopting Holly and would like to know more, please message us 💜 xx