Ok so today is all about our beautiful girl Holly 💕

She’s been with us now for 5 months, surely it’s her time to find a home of her own. Whilst her foster family absolutely adore her they would love her to find her perfect forever home. Holly may have been overlooked because, despite tests, she does have an unknown respiratory issue although this does not appear to cause her any issues save for occasional noisy breathing and she is not on any long term medication.

Holly is adorable and is such an easy girl to have around! She will follow you around like your shadow and makes a cute little trill when she sees you! She can hear the shake of a Dreamies packet no matter where she is. Her absolute favourite place is in front of the fire and she loves chasing her ping pong ball around the house.

Is there someone out there who can give this gorgeous girl a chance? Please message the page for more details.

Home visit and adoption fee apply 🐾